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Africa Docking Services has more than 15 Years Practical and 40 years Theoretical Knowledge In the Materials Handling and Lifting Equipment Industry. Qualified Red Seal Welders and Boilermakers. Fitters and Turners and Fabricators and Many of the Designs Currently In the Industry were Designed by us and as such We constantly Strive to Improve through Constant Research and Development. For more Information please go to our contact page or send us an email...


A Level 1 B-BBEE Contributor in South-Africa with 135% Procurement Rating to The South African Economy and Workforce. We are a Specialized Critical Essential Service Provider (SCESP) to The Distribution - Warehousing and Logistics Field and Site Specific Equipment. Our Critical Service is to keep the Workflow Moving without loss Due to Load-Shedding and Breakdowns... A Service with us and placing us as your first Priority on your Vendor's List will give you peace of mind knowing that your entire Warehouse and Site Equipment is Functioning Correctly.

Products and Services


Dock Leveller sales, services, parts and Docking Equipment...

The Dock Leveller is the bridge between the warehouse floor and the load bed of the back of the truck or vehicle. The Dock Leveller is a specialized bridge that assists by preventing double handling in loading and off-loading goods directly from the warehouse floor to the truck which drastically speeds up loading and off-loading procedures. The Dock Leveller is one of the most critical assets to any warehouse, logistics and company owner. The variations are Electro Hydraulic, Airbag Based systems as well as Manual pump systems used in remote areas with constant load-shedding and power-cuts. Africa Docking Services sells, repairs and services these dock levelers as well as restoratation, parts and component sales and emergency repairs.


Roller Shutter Doors Installations, parts and services...

Africa Docking Services Sells and installs Roller shutter Doors, replacement and tensioning of tops springs, replacement of slats and chains, bearings and motors. Installation of  t-bar and fitment of super secure locking systems. Welding and Replacement of side guides. Roller shutter doors are the most cost efffective solution for both sites and warehouses as parts are readily available in a break-down and in an emergency. Top curtains and entire curtain replacement and complete fitment of doors in various slat arrangements. Canopy repairs and replacements...

Replacement Components


Warehouse Truck Bumpers...

We sell and install a wide variety of wall and truck bumpers such as light duty, heavy duty and extra heavy duty. Other products include Laminated bumpers used for heavy trucks. Africa Docking Services also does warehouse wall protection systems and fabrications to protect walls.


Truck Guide and Bollard systems...

Africa Docking Services has a wide variety of Truck guides, Bollards and fabricated wheel chock systems for sites and warehouses, repainting of bay areas and demarcation systems.

Ramps and Lifting Equipment


Hydraulic Scissor Lifts and Lift tables...

Electro Hydraulic Scissor Lifts and Lift Tables manufactured to site specific requirements. Africa Docking Services also does on-site repairs and re-painting of lift tables...


Sectional and High Speed Doors...

Services of Sectional and High Speed doors. Africa Docking Services does replacement of parts and motors and replacement of curtains on high speed doors, Motors, hinges and springs and control boxes.

Sealing Systems


Docking and Cold Room Seals...

Africa Docking Services sells and installs Cushion Dock Seals in a wide variety of colors and does custom company and site branding. We do material repairs on- site of "Combo Seals", "Cushion Dock Seals" and  "Contact Curtain Seals" which prevents stand-still time and saves you money on a complete replacement of your existing seals...


Mobile Yard Ramp...

The MYR (Mobile Yard Ramp) is of rugged construction from 100mm and 50mm diameter lightweight steel tubing, which provides a strong structure that will safely support loads of  up to 10 (ten) tons. The unit itself is 12.73 meters long and incorporates an extra wide platform which is 2.3 meters wide x 2.6 meters long to allow easy access. The MYR (Mobile Yard Ramp) is fully adjustable via an easy to use MPBS “Manual Power Based System Hand Pump” (Locally Manufactured in South Africa through Africa Docking Services PTY Ltd). Which can raise to a deck height of minimum 1.4 meters and the maximum 1.8 meters.


Contributing to the structure’s low mass and important safety feature is the 25mm x25mm air grid flooring. Using this method of decking rather than steel sheet, ensures that debris simply falls through and does not accumulate on the ramp surface. This means that forklift trucks can safely climb the ramp without slippage even in wet weather thus eliminating potential hazards for the driver and for the load being handled. Africa Docking Services has had over 40 years of research and development on the actual unit and as such when purchasing a ramp with us you are assured of a highly superior quality product which is time-tested and operator safe thus giving you many years of trouble-free usage...


Mobility of the ramp is ensured by two sets of industrial hard rubber wheels 400mm in diameter.


The Yard Weight is 5000Kg and is transported to Sites via a Flatbed...


The Key Features:


12.73 meters Long

Double Vastrap Lip plate

Extra Wide Platform

Raising height 1.4 meters – 1.8 meters

Super strong and lightweight Construction 

Mobility through 400mm industrial hard rubber wheels

Ideal for forklifts crossing over with no clutter on the running surface area

Non slip crossing area even in raining conditions

MPBS - Strongest manual pump system for raising and lowering to required heights

Supports up to 10 (ten) tons

Made in South-Africa by Africa Docking Services

Equipment on-site restoration...

Africa Docking Services does Restoration on site such as Re-painting of Lift Tabes, Dock Levelers, Yard Ramps, Rails, Guards, Bollards, Truck Guides and industrial equipment... We also have a unique water based paint system with a comprehensive data sheet and a quality 7 year gaurantee that is highly durable and can withstand most weather conditions...

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